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Dr. Mili Irizarry de Buschatzke, a Cazenovia New York dentist and skilled outdoorswoman, once more bagged a very nick buck during the first weekend of the Empire State's brief but bountiful gun season-- with her Marlin .270 at her side.

No stranger to bucks

Dr. Irizarry is something of a modern-day Diana, who, year after year manages to harvest excellent sized mature bucks, doing her part in the wildlife conservation process. In 2010, she took a nice 6-point in upstate Madison County on opening day.

View attachment 5180
Dr. Irizarry and her buck, Photo by

Then the next season she followed this up with a huge 8-point, telling The Syracuse Post-Standard's sports writer David Figura, "This morning I bow harvested this beautiful and healthy eight- pointer buck in Madison County. I shot him at 13 yards under my tree stand. It had been an intense bow hunting season so far, with long days out on the field."

She soon followed this up with another buck in the follow-on gun season chalking it up to "lots of scouting, trail cameras, early stands and patience."

Marlin clocks in

Last year Irizarry began mentioning her Marlin bolt-action specifically. In November 2013 the steely-eyed dentist with the winning smile brought down a 6-pointer in full on rut action.

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Dr. Irizarry and her buck (stop us if you heard this before!), Photo by

"He was chasing two big does, went down in one shot at 50 yards with my Marlin .270, 130 grains...He dropped on the spot. It was very exciting. It was a challenging bow season, but gun had brought more venison to the table."

Now it seems that lighting strikes twice.

According to she checked in this weekend with yet another wonderful game story, with her Marlin as a successful conclusion.

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"Mili Irizarry, of Cazenovia, poses with a nice, 8-point buck she took with her Marlin bolt action .270 rifle in the town of Lebanon in Madison County on Saturday, the opening day of the firearms season in the Southern Zone--"

Increasing numbers of female shooters

According to survey data from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, women are increasingly entering the realm of target, hobby, defense, and sporting shooters. This means the firearms community is increasingly younger, and more female than ever before. In fact, some 37 percent of new target shooters are female, a figure that is rising.

A separate survey conducted Southwick Associates found that no less than 9.3 million female hunters purchased licenses in 2011. Of these, 65 percent enjoyed rifle shooting, and 71 percent preferred to take deer. This translates into something on the order of over 6.6 million female buck hunters stalking America's woods.

Moreover, the number is growing.

Marlin's bolt-action offerings

Known primarily for its semi-auto and lever-action rifles, Marlin has also dabbled in throw-bolt guns off and on as well. Back in the 1950s, the company imported a Belgian FN Mauser action that they used in their Model 455 chambered in .270, .308 Winchester, and, of course, 30.06 Springfield. The SAKO-actioned Model 322/422 in .222 Remington complemented this.

Moving to making their own centerfire bolt-actions from the ground up, the company made the MR-7 Model that was made in .270, 30.06, and .25-06 in small numbers in the 1990s.

View attachment 5178
(The current XT-7, photo by Marlin)

Today, the Remington-owned Marlin company keeps the brand new Model XT-7 series in their stable. Introduced in 2008, these guns are available in a number of variants chambered in the same proven three calibers as the MR-7 that preceded it as well as .243 and 7mm. However, of course nowadays they are offered in camo finishes and with stainless or heavy barrels.

No matter which .270 Marlin Dr. Irizarry prefers, she's proven that it works and we look forward to seeing what she bags next year.
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