Voodoo Cheek Pad From Amazon

Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by hombre243, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. hombre243

    hombre243 Well-Known Member

    My scope was just up out of my sight line and lower rings would not let me mount the scope because the A/O ring bumped the barrel.

    I ordered one of the high pads and I was looking at the top of the eyepiece ring...way too high.

    Then I saw this one on Amazon and got it. Perfect. It comes with a 1/4" pad to give more lift but the pad gave me the perfect height without it.

    Great price, and once I figured out how to use the adjustment straps and all the velcro I now have a solid non-slip cheek pad of the perfect height.


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  2. MattNH

    MattNH Well-Known Member

    Looks pretty good too. I'm always apprehensive of trying something without handling it first, plus I hate spending he money on a chance. I'm glad it worked out.

  3. hombre243

    hombre243 Well-Known Member

    I am also apprehensive but no stores around her had anything to try. I now have 2 cheek pads, one usable and one probably not. But, I got the problem solved for about $30.00. Much cheaper than a new stock or a mechanical add on riser.