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Vote !!

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VOTE...because everyday the Armed Forces of the United States stand ready to defend your right to...

VOTE...because people all around the globe wish they had the same right...

VOTE...because a right not exercised is a right lost...

VOTE...because it is your DUTY as an American citizen...


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I'll make this a bit clearer, protect freedom, vote OBAMA OUT of office and put in a dog catcher if you have to, I don't care but vote him out. I'm actually a late comer to Romney, the more I hear the better I like. The main stream press has put a muzzle on Ryan and only will give small clips of Mitt. If it wasn't for the good first debate where people finally got to see more than 15 seconds and they couldn't edit him to oblivian, he finally got his message out.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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