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Vote !!

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VOTE...because everyday the Armed Forces of the United States stand ready to defend your right to...

VOTE...because people all around the globe wish they had the same right...

VOTE...because a right not exercised is a right lost...

VOTE...because it is your DUTY as an American citizen...


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It is the ONLY WAY YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. yes you can voice your opinion here, on TV, in any any forum.But it changes Nothing....Only a Vote does.
A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.
Theodore Roosevelt
Tomorrow Morning....First thing, The wife and myself wil DO OUR DUTY. Im really tired of all the ads, robo calls, junk mail, but its never ending. Dont matter who....JUST DO IT !!!
We got the same paper ballots with fill in circles here also. Except when youre done ya shove em in a locked box. Have to assume they get counted....CORRECTLY.....:confused:
Well; the media blitz has begun.
I came down with a head cold so I'm going to take a hot shower, watch NCIS and let them scramble all night. Then I'll check the results in the morning. Being glued to the TV won't change anything.
I'm not to far behind ya grey. Bet I'll be asleep befor you.......:p
I'll end my comments on the political thread by saying:

I put in my .02 worth...that's all I get.

I am watching the sun come up. I will continue my life as I did yesterday, 4 years ago, and before that. What comes IS LIFE, and I will deal with that.

Prices have gone up no matter who was President. The world continues to evolve - some places worse than others, all depends on your views. My little corner will be what I make of it reguardless. Hope all fair well.


Now back to regular scheduled LIFE....:cool:
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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