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Vote !!

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VOTE...because everyday the Armed Forces of the United States stand ready to defend your right to...

VOTE...because people all around the globe wish they had the same right...

VOTE...because a right not exercised is a right lost...

VOTE...because it is your DUTY as an American citizen...


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I like how the election can make these people able to predictit the future,if you dont vote for this canitate this will happen
My only prediction is that if BHO isn't handed a pink slip by the voters/electorate tomorrow evening...we're in for some REAL CHALLENGES that we cannot turn away from or afford to ignore on behalf of our grandchildren and future generations of Americans.

I agree with greyhawk too in that we've got to have sound local, county and state affairs that are more libertarian in nature. It's way past time to return to the US Constitution and abolish a litany of garbage that is setting on the books.


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Ditto shooter, sw01 and grey. I'm just feeling kinda of sick about the east and west coast folks making such a terrible miscalculation...a second time. I've backed off and unsubcribed from all the various "conservative" sites. All I want to hear is when BHO is pulseless. Today, tomorrow or 4 long years ahead until he's legally done with being allowed to trample the US Constitution while working to destroy the Bill of Rights.

Just staying prepared for whatever comes, not a focus on political corruption for a long while, though I'll keep harping at our outstanding Rep., Vicky Hartzler :) and the one (R) Senator that Missouri has...even if I don't trust him. :(

Stay your six and press on with the finer things, like DEER Hunting, Family, the Holidays with Family, Christ and GOD while throwing in some fishing time in somewhere along the way :D
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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