Wad cutter loading Q ?

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  1. oldbrass

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    Aquired a box of Semi wad cutters, want to load them for the .357 in 38+p...Now I`ve never loaded lead wad cutters, can I load these at +P velocities without leading problems or should I tone it down? They are pre lubed...

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    1000 fps is the magic number I have heard of...maybe a little faster for hardened bullets. Above that and leading can be more of a problem. I heard that if you treat the barrel with eezox you can almost eliminate the lead problem.

    If the bullets you are talkin about are already graphited or treated with moly you probably won't have problems. I got some from Hornady for the 45 Colt and 45 acp that were black and they were always loaded hot for a Ruger Blackhawk. I never had any problem with leading.
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  3. oldbrass

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    Thanx Hombre, My load manual puts it at 980 FPS so +P it is