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WAHOO A HUNTING FORUM! Antelope in Wyoming

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These are my two antelope. The one with the closer together horns is from 2009. When we went back in 2010 I chose the one with really wide horns. This is probably the widest antelope I have ever seen. I chose the wide one because my one from the year before had such close horns. Not the biggest antelope ever, but I think they are both pretty nice.


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Great photos marnewick....thanks for sharing.
Based on my interaction with a fellow South African Hunter, you have some pretty formidable game where you live. Dangerous game that requires serious equipment and tactics. Here in the States, the meanest critters that we might face are Grizzlies and maybe a Mountain Lion. I understand that hunting dangerous game is an option or a choice. At any rate, be careful while in the bush. We want you to stick around long enough for us to get to know you better. ;)
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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