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WAHOO A HUNTING FORUM! Antelope in Wyoming

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These are my two antelope. The one with the closer together horns is from 2009. When we went back in 2010 I chose the one with really wide horns. This is probably the widest antelope I have ever seen. I chose the wide one because my one from the year before had such close horns. Not the biggest antelope ever, but I think they are both pretty nice.


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Both shots were right around 100 probably. The top buck I had to put the sneak on and accidentally ran into his plain of sight at about the 100 yards. I paused got into my own sitting shooting position, using my knee as a rest, and dropped him on the first shot. The bottom one was.... lets say a little more of a challenge and I don't want to talk about it. :eek:
I am actually not positive because it was a friends gun I borrowed because at the time the largest caliber rifle I had was a model 60 in .22. The summer in between these hunts I went out and purchased a Remington 700 in the stainless steal you can see in the top picture. That was the first gun I ever personally purchased.
Why don't you let people borrow your guns?
I was really surprised when I got into that opening in front of him that he didn't leave. I guess I got lucky because I never thought I would get that close either!
If there is room on this trip someone could bring me along. Africa would be an awesome place to hunt!
@bmarg what did your Bucks measure
are you looking for just pure length of horn and prong, just horn, or full out score?
On the narrower one they are 12 1/2" and 12 1/8". Just tossing this in there, but he is only 4 5/8" tip to tip and about 8" at the widest spot. The wide one is 13 1/8" and 12 3/4" with tip to tip being 9 7/8" and at the widest he is 13 1/4". So they aren't better than 14, but for me I think they are pretty good. If I was to go again I would look for something with bigger prongs. The prongs on both of mine are so small.

Do you know what the horns measure on your buck?
I wish, It must just be my dads great hunting photography skills! I don't know how much the horns shrink when they dry, but maybe they were a lot closer in the picture than they are right now.
Yeah, I really enjoyed going antelope hunting. I would go again in a heartbeat. It doesn't matter how big your buck is, or if you only shoot a doe, you will have fun antelope hunting. Tahoe did you go on public or private land?
Sounds similar to the set up we hunted, minus the herds. We would see a maximum of 10 animals, usually only in herds of a couple antelope. That would be cool to see a herd of 40. I would like to do muleys too, it would be a good change up from whitetail.
1 - 12 of 50 Posts
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