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WAHOO A HUNTING FORUM! Antelope in Wyoming

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These are my two antelope. The one with the closer together horns is from 2009. When we went back in 2010 I chose the one with really wide horns. This is probably the widest antelope I have ever seen. I chose the wide one because my one from the year before had such close horns. Not the biggest antelope ever, but I think they are both pretty nice.


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Both shots were right around 100 probably. The top buck I had to put the sneak on and accidentally ran into his plain of sight at about the 100 yards. I paused got into my own sitting shooting position, using my knee as a rest, and dropped him on the first shot. The bottom one was.... lets say a little more of a challenge and I don't want to talk about it. :eek:
That is exactly why I'm afraid to go hunting. :(
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