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Washington State Help on a model 99M1

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Hello all, just found this forum as I was looking for some information about a Marlin 99M1. (just introduced my self in another post)

Is there any interest in these? The one I just traded for is in very good condition, no serial number, tube fed with the rear sight, and cloth sling.

I am wondering about the value on this.

I am not really into .22L Rifles, more of a .22 pistol guy.

Thanks for any insight anyone can lend.

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The Marlin 99 was the predecessor to the Model 60 (still current) and the Model 99M1 was a variation made to mimic a M1 Carbine with handguard. With this, they shortened the magtube to terminate just proud of the stock and added a receiver mount adjustable sight which necessitated a taller front sight. They also came with sling swivels, gold trigger and walnut stock with the bullseye. The rear sight seems to be the sought after item because they were often seperated from the rifle when a scope was put on. They occasionally show up on e-bay.

No serial number on the one you are looking at means older than 1968. There should be a 2 letter code on the barrel near the receiver and this can be decoded for a month and year date of manufacture.

I love mine it's a fun and nice looking rifle.

As far as value.... I'm one data point and paid $110 for mine out the door with the rear sight. There was one for sale on Armslist locally, started at $300, relisted for $250, then $200 and then went away, I don;t know if it sold. You said you traded, so hopefully you each got something you wanted. I wouldn't hesitate to pick up another one, but I wouldn't go over $100 without a rear sight and $150 with a rear sight. If I get another 99M1 or my preference a 989M2 (same rifle just detachable box magazine fed instead of tube) without a rear sight, I will drill a hole for the front and mount Tech Sights on it.

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Lgs near me has one on consignment for $275, scoped, been there a while. Don't recall loading or rear sight.
Thanks for the info. I like it, and plan to keep it it has been fun to shoot, I am just not a .22 rifle guy usually. but this one is nice as it's not like all of the 10/22's I see everytime I go to the range.
See your welcome thread for more info Al....

Enjoy the forum...!!
Welcome to the forum
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