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    I wanted a set of feet to go under the pointed adjustable legs of my front. Also a Port Level Loading block to attach to my front rest. The feet are sold by Caldwell @ $12 for 3 + shipping. The Port Level Loading Block for 22 is made by Sinclair @ $70 plus shipping.

    First two pics show the commercial parts.

    Pic 3 is what I made today for a grand total of $2.28. I had to buy the washers for the feet as I didnt have any big enough, also need a .25" hole in them.

    The feet are 4 washers JB welded together and epoxyed on to a round piece of rubber matting I had. Used a hole saw in my drill press to get the round rubber pieces.

    The Loading block is made from a flexable shaft off a small table lamp I had laying around. The .22 block is made from an Eley box with a piece of the rubber matting in the bottom under the Holes. The Sinclair block holds 25 rounds and is round. My block is square and can hold up to 50. A Match targer is 25 shots so I stagger the rounds making them easier to pick up. the piece of mat under them sits them up about 3/8".

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    American ingenuity at it`s finest...that`s quite clever SWO1

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    Not my ideas, just copied them. I had seen the Caldwell feet on other rests at the matches. Not very thick, I wanted higher. Their description says A metal disk on a rubber base. A metal disk is a Washer ... LOL And a rubber base is what it is. Mine even have the same pattern on the bottom as theirs. All the time in those was waiting for the JB Weld to sit up. Guess I could have used Super Glue.

    The port level loading block at $70 is outrageous for what it is. Actually the easiest of the two to make. Drill a hole in the rest, drill a hole in the ammo box, There is even a little dimple on the Eley Box smack dap center. put on two nuts/washers and thats it. If you had to buy the flexable shaft, the lamps are under $8 at Wally World. I got mine at a yard sale for a buck log time ago. If I want to change calibers say for center Fire just have to switch out the Top.