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Went to the Gun Show today !!

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Same ole..same ole. Guns for more than my LGS has them for, or Wal-Mart, or Bass Pro. Ammo .... Stupid prices. .22 for triple/quaqdrouple $$.

Only .22 kinda OK price wise is match grade. I picked up 4 boxes ( 50 ) of Eley Edge for $13 ea. About $2.25 over what it can be ordered for but Hazmat and shipping is out of sight unless you order a case. Edge replaced Eley Target. I have shot Target and its pretty darn good.

I did buy a raffle ticket for an M1 Garand (Remington) from a local Vetrans group. Drawing is in Feb. The show was raffling a 10/22 for $1 a ticket, no intrest in that one.
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