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Went Xmas shopping today

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Ordered the Grand Daughters Christmas present today. Its a Savage Mark I with walnut stock. My LGS got it for me at $200. I also have my eye on a Barska Target scope 20X with target dot. She really want to shoot with the boys and me but the other 22s are to big for her (length of pull). She shoots her brothers 7X marlin Youth in .308 and it fits her good.


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Beautiful she will be surprised hope she enjoys it for years to come!
Classic lines, Mon! Good lookin rifle.
That will be a wonderful gift for her. Be careful though. It may be hard to top that gift next year.

While your at it, I'd like a 30 cal. M-1 Carbine. :rolleyes:
Maybe hombre, 444, Gumpy or Old Brass would like something also. :D
Is she going to get it before xmas or are you going to make her wait till xmas morning? Why do I feel you can't wait that long? LOL
Went by the LGS this morning. The Savage Mark I GY was in for my grand daughers Christmas. I brought it home ..... :D Her favorite color is Blue, so will refinish the stock in that. Also will pillar bed the action and free float the barrel. He had a .223 he was taking in on trade with a 20X target scope ..... $70. As soon as the guy comes in and picks up his other rifle I can get it. It has rings with it also. Now I have a gun project to get busy on.

Also picked up another 2 bricks of CCI Standard Velocity while there.
Didnt go out this morning. Instead decided to start on the Mark I. Will disassemble and first check out the stock. Pics to follow the progress. Its wood so dont see any problems in the new blue finish or Pillar bedding. I have a lot of steel lamp rod for the pillars. Will free float it first and then see how the Pillars will set in. After the pillars, free floating will strip it down for the finish.
I started on the Grand Daughters Mark I BY.

Rifle broken down, The stock is stamped Boyds

The barrel channel measured .709 width. Will take .75" dowel rod and with sand paper ddepen and wided it. The left side sits closer than the right. The Action is super tight in the stock.

Barrel channel deepened and widened.

Action back in and a dollar bill slide with no resistance all the way to the Chamber. When I install the pillars they will sit up about 1/16" of an inch from the wood and give a little more floating.

Next up will cut the threaded Lamp Rod to correct length, put a slot in one end (next to the trigger housing), screw them in leaving about 1/16" standing up from the inside and top of the receiver lugs.


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Thanks for sharing the project. I'd never thought of using a dowel rod or lamp rod. Learned something new. Patiently wait on the rest of the story and the finished product.
Now for the Pillar Bedding.

The 3.8" threaded lamp rod I use. Its steel. Some commercial ones are Aluminum, brass, ect. The Action screws fit (all I have used) thu it fine.

I used a dowel from one of the shotguns that limit # of shells in the mag. they have these neat little handy-dandy rubber rings. And they fit snugly into the predrilled holes in the stock. I insert them until they are just flush with the inside, slide the rubber O-ring snug. Remove and measure with a Mic the length. The front hole measured .593 long and the back hole .700.

I then cut two pieces to match the lengths. I slotted one end of each to use a driver bit to screw into the wood.

I test fitted the pillars on the Action lugs, making sure each one sat flush.

Then I measured the lamp rod diam, found a bit that was .03 smaller. I drilled out each hole in the stock.

I then screwed in each pillar to where it was flush with the "bottom" of the stock. That leaves it standing clear of the wood on the inside.

Action/Barrel re mounted and it is done. No play what so ever. Took about an hour. I put a thin coat of epoxy on the threads before I screwed the in.

Next I will strip the entire stock and get ready for the BLUE ..... :eek: Finish. I will prime and then use Krylon Fusion in Glossy Blue. I have never painted a stock before so dont know how it will come out. I can always re strip and start over


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As a stock re-finisher, I am a novice at best. With that said; a hint from when I used Fusion Paint on my Mosin Nagant.
2 or 3 light coats gave it a dull finish. With 1-3 additional coat, the finish took on more of a luster (actually too much for a hunting rifle). There were problems with the design of the stock so after making the desired modifications, it needed to be stripped and repainted. At that point, I went with lesser coats for more of a camo (lack luster) look.
All depends on what you want. As a target rifle, the shine of a luster finish shouldn't be a problem. If you like the end results, I'm sure that your granddaughter will love it. After all, her Grampy made it specially for her.
Thanks for the pillar bedding instructions. I'm gonna do my Mauser. I've just completed floating the barrel, this should finish it, except I'm thinking of camouflaging the metal parts.
SWO1 I have a ruger MarkII 22lr with a wood stock and am in need of a project... ...are these more accurate after a float & pillar ?
SWO1 I have a ruger MarkII 22lr with a wood stock and am in need of a project... ...are these more accurate after a float & pillar ?
I really think, No I know so, most all anyway. .22 barrels vibrate, as well as the action and more so if its not snugged tight with either pillars or receiver bedding, or both. Barrel vibration is "Barrel Harmonics" The direction of the viberation will affect the point of impact of the bullet. Having Nothing touching the barrel and a snug receiver keeps the vibration in the same direction. Also a "Tuner" is used to redirect the vibration and hold it to a specific pattern. This can tighten up groups also.
IN between trips to the deer stand got the finish off the Mark I stock. I dont know what ya'll think but that is one Butt Ugly Hunk of Walnut .... :eek:

Wont feel bad at all covering it up with Bright blue Paint.

A sample piece of wood with one coat of primer and 4 light coats of the Krylon.

I still have to do the finish prep on the stock prior to painting. I will put on two coats of Primer and then ever how many of the Blue. I am hoping it will buff out to a semi shiny finish. A bench gun need to recoil back in the bags, and yes the 22s do slide back about an inch or so on firing.


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SW01, very nice work! I'm sure she will love it and cherish always.
Has your granddaughter seen the gun yet or she will not see it till xmas?
that`s going to look nice...good work
Has your granddaughter seen the gun yet or she will not see it till xmas?
Nobody even knows I have it. Will Unvail Christams eve with the family gift opening.

Next will fill the holes left by removing the Swivel Studs .... No studs for bench, they tear up the bags. Will set the filler dry a couple days or three then do final sanding and cleaning of the stock before starting to paint.
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