What a terrible shame

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by Augustus, Oct 24, 2013.

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    ...cops should know the difference...

    I cannot believe a cop who is trained in weaponry could mistake a toy for a real gun. I better reread about the shooting before I say much more, but I will inject something that is a bit off subject...

    Without getting into HAARP and Manchurian Candidates I will just say I believe there are people in the world who would pay killers for hire, and sponsor some of these killings. I cannot rule out either side. Politicians are a cutthroat bunch and I suspect all of them. But mostly I suspect people like those who support Bloomberg. There are just too many killings for me to believe these are random, and not sponsored killings. Most of the shooters are dead and the ones who aren't are basically considered crazy and their testimonies are thrown out as crazy talk because of a previous mental condition. Seems mental illness is a good reason to deny ownership of a gun, but it only takes 2 witnesses to have a person committed, and the person may have just pissed someone off and is the victim of lies and deceitful treatment.

    I was lied about and it took me 5 years and an administrative judge and the Sheriff of this county to debunk the deliberate lies of 2 women who work in the Homeless industry in this area and get my gun rights returned.

    I know how these libs work, being a victim. But that is not all, the blackballing that goes on afterwards is where the stress and pressure comes in after someone returns fire so to speak and exposes the lies.

    I would like to talk to friends of these shooters who were killed. A little deeper background checking may reveal some kind of severe harassment which could be the cause of some of the shootings.

    I am speaking from the viewpoint of a victim who was lied about by people who are trusted leaders in this community, and am blackballed from most jobs in this area as well as other areas where I have been. But, because these people are entrenched in a corrupt system, no one will help rid the system of them because of the many secrets that could be used against them.

    And don't get me started on drones and spying on US Citizens...

    Looks like it is politics as usual.:mad:

    But for now...if you never read anything about HAARP...

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    Glock may have other thoughts and insight on this but I think they need brought up on charges.
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    +1! I think so too! I'm not even gettin' on my soapbox.
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    I find it hard to fathom bringing anyone up on charges this early in the investigation. Also, is your information coming from news reports? Do you ever think they get paid to slant the news for better sensationalism?
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    Airsoft replica's are very lifelike...and until you are in that Cop's shoes with a gun pointed at you...YOU don't know what YOU will do !!

    And the leftist agenda media always spins the story to their benefit...not the truth.

    Time will tell...
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    I can attest to this. I used to play a lot of airsoft and without the orange tip you could not tell the difference between a real AK and the toy.

    This is not an airsoft issue,this is not a firearms issue. This is a sad story that could have been avoided if the kid had done as he was told. I don't know the circumstances, but that officer has his entire life to live with shooting a child, and I can't imagine that horror, nor do I want to.
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    It's a shame that it happened but I'm going to side with the LEOs on this one. We played "army" all the time when I was a kid - any of you more seasoned fellas remember the old "Johnny Eagle" series of toy rifles and pistols form the mid-'60s? Now they were realistic!
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    I live in the neighborhood where this happened. The cops ordered him to drop the gun, the kid turned around and one of the officers shot eight shots seven of which made contact. The other officer did not shoot . They were both veterans of the force. When paramedics came the officers did not let them check out the scene for a few minutes. FBI is investigating