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What are you all finding on the used market?

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Used to be, at one of the local gun shows I frequent, I would usually see several 336s spread around the show. 30/30s, .35s, once in a while .444s. Now?
They seem to have disappeared.
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I'll see used ones, more .35 Rem than good old 30-30 in local stores. But they are usually consigned and priced way too high.

The big auction house has them in the silent auction listings, usually more .30-30 than .35 Rem, and they have been going for $250 for needs work to $400 for pretty decent. The last silent had 2 in .444.

I only look at Armslist in NH for private party sales and there were a few old ads for .30-30 336's from $400-$550. Some got taken down, so I assume sold, others are very old and just may not have been updated if they did sell.

So, I'm seeing them, but it may be the case if you are looking for one, they're not around but as soon as you buy one, you will see them everywhere.
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