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What did you get for Christmas?

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What did you guys get?

I got a new pocket knife. Been needing one for a while, was holding out till Christmas as the wife told me to.
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A set of .45 Colt carbide dies, a can of Unique, a RCBS lube pad, a Lee Auto-Prime, a Red Ryder BB Gun, a Ruger Gun Sock, a RCBS Loading Block, and some other odds and ends.
I got myself a lee challenger kit and some 30-30 dies, My girlfriend got a new shitzu puppy (Wally) Went to mommas for prime rib and homemade pies.
I got a new bushnell scope for my glenfield,and a new folding knife.


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socks and underwear! but a bunch of stuff for my BBQ area, a new shelf unit and BBQ accessories, and a new huge pot for cooking my chili in. i love to BBQ, grille and cook chili almost as much as i enjoy collecting and shooting guns! i'm just glad everyone had a safe and happy holidays.:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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