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Amen to that. It puzzles me too why these firearm companies can't seem to give the working class shooter a basic, well made lever gun that doesn't break the bank. Only ones that can afford these lofty prices that the inherited "Marlins" are going for are the shooter/collectors that are on the far right end of the bell curve. Makes no sense to me other than it's pure greed.
Another consideration is the stupid economic policies of the left that have led to hiper inflation. They have to price their product to pay the skilled workers a higher wage, pay higher transportation costs, raw materials costs, and account for the time it takes from input of raw materials until the finished product gets shipped out the door. Factor in 1% inflation per month while the rifle is being built from scratch. After all this, they need to make a certain percentage of profit to satisfy investors and the management bonuses.

Ruger's and Henry's are no longer the bargain they used to be. You can get a Rossi for a lot less. But then the quality control and warranty return issues are monumentally better with Ruger and Henry than Rossi ( or any other imported firearm ). Under the New Henry regime, I have not actually heard of anyone needing to return one for defects.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts