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Hi All,

My 22 barrel has a stamped JM inside a cricle, What does JM mean?
Im under the impression that the JM stamp is very sought after. This has to do with the sale if Marlin and move that follwed years of quality issues so the JM is a marge of former quality in marlin rifles. Frankly I didnt know any of this and purchesed a 1895 Dark series 45-70 and i love it. Ive not had a single issue with it other then finding a good flash suppressor in thie wierd thread of 11/16 i think. Had a great on bought on Ebay from australia and now noone wants to shoot near me at the range. The action is smooth as butter and easy to cycle and the recoil was suprisingly mild for such a large round. First shot i could feel the stalk cushoin compress and felt nothing. so it may be that the kinks are worked out.

I also have purchased a Cheappa 357 that had to be taken apart and the feed tray shaved to allow it to work and a Henry Long ranger Wildlife attition in 308 that is a complete peace of garbage designed by someone with no practical shooting experiance as it can only shoot hi grade rounds and jams the lever open thus ypou cant remove the mag to clear it.

So im one of three for buying a good lever action and its a marlin Dark series
1 - 1 of 31 Posts