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What guns are on your list for 2013?

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What guns are on your list for 2013? see last year I said i was going to get a wheel gun That one I got, I plan on getting an M1 Garand if things work out ......Lets hear whats on your wish list.
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I would like a bolt 243; some model 1911 type and maybe a 45 colt lever. Mostly the 243.
No list

I don't make a wish list.I just buy 'em when I get a whim :D.
My list of wants is a short one:

One of each.:D

Ruger Redhawk now your talking :)
I fired a 44 mag Redhawk at the range some time back and I was surprised at how the design of the gun tamed the recoil. The owner loaded some pretty hot loads (he said they were hotter than factory but he didn't say how hot.) and that worried me a bit because I had not shot a big gun like that before. The recoil was straight back and didn't flip the muzzle up like a single action hogleg does. Made me a promise to get one someday. I am adding a Redhawk to the list of 2013 guns.
Single shot or Revolver?

If you are talking to me, I have a Marlin Levermatic in .30 carbine, manufactured in 1965. I've been told more than once that was not possible! It would be nice to have a good solid handgun chambered in the same thing.
Gumpy, have you considered a Thompson Center or SSK Industries handgun? They make Contender pistols and SSK may have a revolver also...I don't know, but if anyone would, I would guess they would have something like that in a .30 carbine cartridge.
SSK Industries

I like how the blackhawk in my grubby little hands. It's a good fit. I haven't heard of SSK ( I think) but I will check on it. Right now I'm too poor to do more than look. The boss still doesn't know about the Mauser!! I hope she has not kept count!!! lol
SSK sells high end guns. Used to be Wildcats and most still are. I don't think their ammo brand (SSK or JDJ's or what ever they are called are available except from them or as components. Used to be many of their cartridges were based on .458 Win Mag brass. Now I think they use .444 brass. I am not exactly up on them I sent you the link so you could peruse their stuff if ya want to. Their most popular used to be a 375 JDJ which was a 458 brass necked down to .375. Add a lot of powder and a couple hundred grains of bullet and you have a 250 yard big African deer gun.

I will never be able to afford one but it is fun to look.
yeah but...

We dont have to many big African Deer here in North Alabama. lol

Yeah but wouldn't it be fun to watch a whitetail explode? :eek:
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