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What guns are on your list for 2013?

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What guns are on your list for 2013? see last year I said i was going to get a wheel gun That one I got, I plan on getting an M1 Garand if things work out ......Lets hear whats on your wish list.
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I just cant see paying that much for a 22lr
My list is long because my fund$ come up a little short
I got a Ranch Hand For Christmas
I have never understood why the toughest gun laws are in the states that have the majority of firearm manufatures??The North East
Ruger Redhawk now your talking :)
I fired a Ruger Blackhawk in 30 carbine and my ears rang for 2 days' thats the last time i shoot with out ear protection
Your aware that 30 carbine and 30-30 are not the same right
If you fire a Blackhawk in 30 carbine be sure to wear ear protection. Dont ask me how i know
Yeah but wouldn't it be fun to watch a whitetail explode? :eek:
Ground Venison :)
1 - 10 of 46 Posts
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