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What I Did On My Thanksgiving Vacation

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I was going to hunt this morning keeping with the tradition I started for myself many years ago. (to get away from all the football and TV Sports.) But the church folks called and said they would be bring me a Thanksgiving dinner before noon. There goes the hunt. Now I am too full to go out there and it is too chilly to nap under a tree. I will hunt tomorrow.

I did my "whenever I can git me one" **** and homemade noodles and roast **** in crm of mushroom soup. I have not made this for quite a few years and surprised myself because everything turned out perfect.

The homemade egg noodles were very filling and for supper, the **** in mushroom soup will go great with mashed potatoes.

The homemade bread blew its' top while it was in the oven but it tastes just like real storebought bread...but better.

I also will be munchin on cauliflower and broccoli with Garlic Ranch dip.

I did enjoy the turkey for lunch but I am salivatin to get back to the ****.


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I was raised eating **** meat. I like a young fat one in a roasting pan with taters, carrots, celary, and whatever else I can find to throw off in there. I also like it BBQed!
I remember Dad cookin it once. Over the years I would get one or two a year just huntin squirrels. Now I am learnin to call them. Hopefully I can get a few more before the end of January...well, by the end of the season. Not sure right now. This **** is the first called ****. Young, fat and tender. Not a strong old boar taste. I want to go tomorrow. Callin in the daytime is a challenge but it is doable.
I remember eating Possum Pie when I was younger.


I would try it if I could get a possum. And a recipe.
Don't think I could eat a possum!
I would eat a coyote if I knew someone else did it first.
Actually there is no possum in Possum Pie here's what it is.

What’s in possum pie?
Thanks. Looks like that is a bit out of my diabetic diet...except in small portions which I do not seem to be capable of.

I had in mind something like chicken pot pie...possum pot pie, which may be good if possum is edible. I will try **** pot pie next one I get. If I can find a possum and it does not stink too bad I may try that too. How bad can it be? Catfish and hogs are garbage eaters and they taste great.:confused:
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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