what`s affective range of a guide gun ?

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  1. oldbrass

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    I know a guide gun is designed for close up shots on big game..but what about for general hunting ?? Is a short barrel big bore good to 100 yards??
    Let me be honest and say I`ve never shot one, they look very cool though and would be an excellent brush gun on the Elk.
  2. greyhawk50

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    I'm not an expert but, I believe that 100 yards is very doable with a Guide Gun.
    I've been told that the general rule of thumb for gain or loss of velocity is 30 fps per inch of barrel length.
    For deer size game, 150 + if you do your part.
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    DUTCHS Well-Known Member Supporting

    I have the 1895 GBL and would feel perfectly comfortable dropping anything at 100 yards. I haven'had the oppurtunity to do so yet but watching the devastation the 45/70 causes on things I have shot at 100 yards or so I would say yes it is fine at 100 yards.
  4. JB_Books

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    For what it's worth, I decide to due a little testing with some ammo in my Marlin GG 1895M in 450 cal to see what perhaps it might like in regards to the Hornady Ammo.

    Here's what my findings were:

    325 gr Evolution

    100 yards - + 3.0 "
    200 yards - - 2.2 "
    300 yards - -21.3 "

    Avg: 2225 FT/S

    350 gr FP Custom

    100 yards- 0.0 "
    200 yards- 10.4 " drop
    300 yards- 35.9 " drop

    Avg: 2100 FT/S

    As you can see at least with my results would be the desire range of 100-200 yd mark.
  5. jimoest

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    Have been reloading for my 45/70 GG with the Hornaday evoution325 gn. shooting 1 in. groups out to 300 yds with about a 20in drop at that range just love my guide gun.
  6. Hyphenated

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    It's all about knowing the trajectory of your load oldbrass. Lots of critters were put on the dinner table with black powder 45-70 loads in the late 1800's. Those loads were going 1200-1300fps. I think you can beat those speeds with a new guide gun.