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what scope for a 7MM-08 Handi ??

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I picked up a 7-08 Handi a at a pawn shop cause it was just a real good deal, I`m of small frame and it fit like a glove. It has a scope base on it but no optics, I`m pondering what scope to slap on it, if you have a handi what do you use to see through??
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i have a marlin XS7 in 7mm-08 and i use a Swift 6-24x50 on it. of course this may be a bit much scope for your rifle. but check out the Swift scopes, i ahve had really good luck with them. another suggestion would be the Nikon Prostaff line of scopes, good quality scope with a decent price.
well sounds like you came out good and so did the wife!
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