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what scope for a 7MM-08 Handi ??

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I picked up a 7-08 Handi a at a pawn shop cause it was just a real good deal, I`m of small frame and it fit like a glove. It has a scope base on it but no optics, I`m pondering what scope to slap on it, if you have a handi what do you use to see through??
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No need to consider that anymore, I took the rifle to Cabellas today to try eye relief on different scopes, WEEELLL they had the Lee challenger press kit on sale today and I was a few bucks short. I sold them the gun and bought the loading press and dies for my 30-30 and 45 acp.
Still have some cash to take the MRS. to dinner.

However thank you for the reply.
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