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What you can't say to City Folk !

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6 years ago I am laying in a Hospital Bed, awaiting surgery, to have my right knee cleaned up, after I ground a hole in the cartilage.
Was given some "pre-meds", and am fully relaxed.:p

A very Pretty (mid 30's) Nurse comes in for some checks, and asks me what I do for a hobby ?;)
Unwhittingly I answered " I'm a stalker"........WRONG Bloody answer...Opp's
She takes a step backwards, and replies "you what ?"
Apparently that statement is not correct, in the "Big Smoke", where they think meat is made in the Supermarkets, and packed in plastic bags.

Now, I'm no mug, so I replies, "no, no, no Sorry, I shoot Deer ! "
Bloody hell......WRONG answer again !
Now I'm a bloody Murderer..:eek:

Well that was it, no nurses came near me from then on.
It was then I realized, that "I only opened my mouth to swap feet"
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Yeah, I learned to not tell people how much I enjoy shooting squirrels.

Me too Austin !! ;)
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