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What's on the short list for 2016 gun (related) purchases?

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1. As many Marlin rimfire project rifles I can find
2. Scope for my 336
3. Skinner sights for my 39A
4. Case of .38 Special
5. Holster for the 15-3 S&W K frame
6. Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, 4th edition

Other activities/goals:

1. Shoot Appleseed Rifleman with Tech Sights
2. Shoot Appleseed Rifleman with my Glenfield 25 bolt
3. Win the NH state IDPA match in my division/class - Revolver/Marksman
4. Place in the top 5 in the NH state IDPA match in Revolver
5. Help my youngest boy shoot Rifleman
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Never did get my 375 H&H last year so that's still on the list and maybe an M1 Carbine. As I now belong to a club with a 200-yard range, I guess scopes for the bolt actions will also be on the list.
Hey 28Shooter... I know a guy by the name of Lou Sellman who sells his Marlins on Guns International. He has two of them for sale. But alas I don't know how much. Just an FYI..

Thanks PA but I just paid the tuition bill for daughter's final semester of grad school and expect the Christmas CC bill any day so the wallet's a little flat right now.
My short list already got fulfilled. I had been wanting a S&W revolver for quite some time but just didn't know what I wanted. Then I read about the 8 round S&W 627 Pro and dang if I didn't order one. I got it in only two days at my LGS.
I wasn't to thrilled with the trigger action till I oiled it down deep in the action areas and now it has a much improved pretty good lighter trigger action in DA. SA was good from the get go.
Jeeze this gun is accurate. Even in DA I can hold a decent pattern. LOL it shoots right where I end up pointing it. I am sure many here would think my grouping wasn't all that but for me the gun does good.
I am going to say it hopefully one last time " I am done buying guns".
Very nice Staightshooter but I gotta' say that all those holes in the cylinder confuse an old revolver shooter like me. The count gets ingrained - shoot six (or backup 5) and dump so I'd likely be dumping a lot of perfectly good ammo all over the firing line. Enjoy that fine revolver!

Also, you're never "done buying guns"!
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