Wheeling & Dealing.

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    This past month has been busier than normal.
    During my trip to Florida to see a cousin and my sister, I picked up 2 rifles that were hand-me-downs in our family.
    First was a 22 Quackenbush that belonged to my grandmother.
    The second was a 22 Winchester 67 that belonged to my Dad.
    Both were free and I gave them to my daughter. She is the keeper of antique family firearms.
    Then I came across a Norinco 213 and a Colt Vest pocket model 25.
    Lost money on the Norinco because I gave it to my grand-daughter and her husband for home defense.
    Then I traded the Marlin 336CS in .35 rem. for the 20 ga. Stoeger STF300 that I shared earlier.
    This past weekend, I traded the Colt 25 for a used NEF SB1 Survivor 410/45LC single. The Colt was rough at about 50%-60% condition. I had $200 invested. Although the Survivor is used, the MSRP is $350. The Survivor was missing the choke tube and wrench which I ordered from Magnum Research for $31.
    All in all, I lost money. I feel I made an excellent trade on the Stoeger - lost money on the Norinco - did OK on the Colt trade. The 410/45 should be fun to play with.
    Just felt like sharing. :rolleyes:
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    It's not always about making money, but getting stuff you want and will use. I'd say you did okay. That .410/45LC will be fun.

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    Wheelin' & Dealin'...!!

    We need pics of that used NEF SB1 Survivor 410/45LC single Grey !! :D
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    Very cool piece of history Grey !!

    Thanks for sharing...
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    I didn't know until I started to research the history - but - there are Quackenbush Air Rifles still in production today. They are Big Bore and capable of harvesting very large game. Pretty impressive. Actually made in Urbana, Mo. :eek:
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    Just went thru the Quackenbush site and to me that's amazing!! Makes me wish I had a machine shop to piddle around in and see what I could come up with!
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    Never owned one but always thought those antique Quackenbush rifles were interesting bits of history. Family connection makes it even better.