When did Marling start offering

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    When did Marlin start offering

    336 rifles factory drilled & tapped for scope mounts?

    I have seen pics of older rifles without holes in the top of the receiver. Just wondered when they first appeared from the factory WITH mounting holes.

    Thanks for any info

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  2. Gumpy

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    As far as I can tell from research, it was in the late 50"s. Didn't give a specific year. The micro-grove barrell was started in 56.
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    Yeah...Gumpy is right. I want to say 1956, but I am not 100% sure. I've got a 1953 that is not tapped and I just sold a 1957 that was tapped. The D/T receivers may have coincided with the Micro Groove barrels.
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    Thanks for those comments. The dates you mention are consistent with info I found this afternoon here:

    I was hoping to get independent confirmation of this, it is hard to know which sources simply support each other rather than being truly independent corroboration. There are some inconsistencies on this page and several typos. Don't know how reliable it is.

    Thanks again.

    Update 3/10
    Just found an online auction photo of a 1954 RC with tapped holes for scope mount. It has a deluxe stock.
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