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Where does Grass grow the best ??

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Why in the garden and driveway of course. Maybe I should plow up the whole lawn around the house and plant something, the driveway also. Fighting grass in the garden this year like never before. Seems rocks grow the best in the lawn. Rocks wont stay in the driveway where I want them ..... :confused: About every two years have to have a couple loads of 1" brought in.
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I was able to get p/up load after load of free gravel to fill in my driveway. Then I also got bagged cement powder from the same place for free. I dumped bag after bag of powder over the stones and then watered it down. It made a pretty darn solid base that way.
That has been about 30 years ago and has sunk down just a little and then dirt accumulated over the stones so grass growing over it now.
If you use that rock that is like coral, that you can't hardly stick a shovel into, it will stay put much better. That rock doesn't hardly move around because it like locks together.
I have to say over the septic lines the grass grows best. Like you the garden grass grows real good also.
My experience is it grows wherever you don't want it and around the septic tank. Also seems to like my storm shelter....
The earth is a big filter and everything is pulled in and recycled.
As for the garden, grass seeds are abundant and the wind blows them everywhere. They do not have much competition in the garden and root easily in the tilled moist soil that has also been fertilized, an ideal habitat for all things you do not want to grow.
Everywhere you don't want it to. And nowhere where you do.
"Where does Grass grow the best ??"

I have endured this long enough...jeeez, (my response?)

Not on this playground, baby. :cool:

I'm sorry SW, it has festered inside me since I saw the title.
I have heard grass grow better on the other side of the fence.But how can this be true if my grass always has to be mowed more often?
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