Which Gun Lubes / Oils do you use...

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by SHOOTER13, Oct 24, 2012.

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  2. greyhawk50

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    For my rifles, shotguns and pistols, I use Clenzoil 100% of the time. Several years ago, I bought a gallon at a gun show. Liked it and never changed.

    For my muzzle loaders, that's a different story because of the corrosive nature of the beast.
    I have used a variety of products with good success.
    Thompson/Center T17 Bore Cleaner
    Thompson/Center T17 Natural Lube 1000 Plus

    Keep in mind that I swab the inside of the barrel with a clean patch before loading for the first time when using the following products. These lubes are heavy and can cause problems if not removed before shooting.
    Mobil 1, 5w20 Motor Oil
    Dextron ATF
    Both give excellent rust protection in this part of the country.

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Good to know Grey...thanks !
  4. FOUR4D4

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    I use RIG Grease and Remoil
  5. axxe55

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    i have become very partial to Kano Kroil. excellent product, that is so versatile. can be used as a bore cleaner, removes rust and is a good penetrant.
  6. SWO1

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    Good info from all so far. I have been using Rem Oil for lube. Before storing after the season Clean all parts with Butchs....spray good with Brake Cleaner then wipe down with Rem Oil again .....making sure NOT to touch any metal with my hands. Before shooting again clean all back up again and oil friction and moving parts.

    And like greyhawk the thompson products seem to work well on the Muzzle Loadeers.
  7. Bucky

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    I use Tetra gun Oil, and Klean Bore, for the bores of my rifles
    Lanox, for the outside.
    CRC Dry Glide, for the firing mechanism.

    For me I use Glaucosamine 1500 IU, and 10,000 UI fish oil a day.
    Good for the Ticker, and foofer, and keeps Arthritis at bay
  8. Bucky

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    Bloody Hell
    If that Frog Lube is as good as it says, I want some
  9. duster066

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    I have adopted this as my bible for gun lube. http://www.grantcunningham.com/lubricants101.html

    My back ground is in aircraft and auto maintenance and auto racing. I have an associates degree in engineering and while in school I studied a text from the late 50's on the lubrication of bearings. As part of my career in acft maintenance I also read many articles on oil and experimented with synthetic vs mineral oils in acft engines. I got results that caused me to champion synthetic oils. I have concluded, as Mr. Cunningham has, guns do not stress lubricants much at all, and many common lubricants developed for other more demanding applications work very well in guns. For that reason I don't spend the big bucks for the commercially advertised gun lubes. I use self concocted versions of Ed's Red and automotive greases to maintain my guns. My current batch of Ed's Red is made from MIL-H-5606 acft hydrolic fluid I had left over from my airplane days. 5606 looks like, smells like, and feels like ATF, and I think is like ATF and it works great.

    When I started hunting in the rain up here my guns rusted from one day in the field. I learned from a regional hunting forum to wax the exterior of my guns in place of oil. It worked. I cake on automotive paste wax, buff, and use a tooth brush to buff the tight spots. Results are no more rust. I think the constant rain washes away the oil, but beads up on the wax and falls off. I wax all my guns. They don't rust in the rain or during long storage in the locker, and they look great when buffed up.
  10. oldbrass

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    I use 3 in 1 oil on the rifles, my pistol gets clp
  11. Spud9

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    For the past year+ now I have converted to a mix of Gunzilla and Frog lube depending on the need and application. Love both and bio degradeable.
  12. FOUR4D4

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    I use RIG Grease and Remoil
  13. 01Sporty

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    Nice to see someone else uses motor oil. I've always felt a bit silly telling people that.

    I use Red Line 20/50 thinned with mineral spirits. Wipe everything really dry.
    For the internal works I've started using Bike Aid. It's molybdenum in a volatile carrier that flashes off and leaves the dry moly behind. Really slippery.
  14. UncleSarge58

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    Like Duster066 I use Home Made Ed's Red.
    But, I Add Liquid Lanolin & Kroil to mine.
    A Quart Lasts me about 4 Years & I Make it up in Gallon Batches.
    Give Some to Family & Friends & Keep a Quart (or 2) for Myself.
    Here's a Link for the Recipe:http://www.frfrogspad.com/homemade.htm#Bore%20Cleaner.
    Been Using it for the last 15yrs.
    Looks, Smells & Works just as Great as the Rifle Bore Cleaner I used back when I was in the Army.
    (RBC probably Is Ed's Red)
    For my Pistol Slides & Bolt Lugs on my Rifles I use a Mix of 1/3 ea. Lubriplate White Lithium Grease, Moly Wheel Bearing Grease & RIG.
    Been Using this Mix for Many years too. Works Great.
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    I'll second what Sarge sez..........
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    grey, I tried your link and it came back page not found so I will post this one.

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    I also use Kroil to lube my guns. But I use Old West Snake Oil on the exterior metal and wood. It does a great job of keeping the exterior safe from the elements.