Who Turkey Hunts ??

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by SWO1, Aug 28, 2012.

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    The fall season is fast approaching. Bow has already started in Missouri (15 Sept). I don't poke things with little sharp sticks myself....;)

    Myself and oldest grandson use a Mossberg 835 12GA. I shoot Federal 3" #6 and his gun patterns best with Fiocchi 2.5" #5.

    Youngest one has a Mossberg 500 20GA. thats likes 3" Rems #5

    Limit here is 2 per person and fall its any flavor, gobbler or hen. Been seeing them pretty regular around the place and neighboring farms. Been getting some pics on the scouting cameras side by side with deer at the food plots. They like to hang around together as the Tuekey have that great eyesight and deer with the smeeler...makes for a great security system. Got a male bobcat that hangs around the big pond. That aint good for the turkey, but he has to eat also. Mostly use a ground blind but once in a while out of one of the deer stands (in real bad weather) The season goes the whole monthe of October. Hope to limit out quick so we can start SERIOUS preps for deer in Nov.
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    I have been know to get Thunderstuck :)

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    You got the "Eastern" variety in Flordia Four4D4??
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    I've never taken up the sport of Turkey Hunting. I hear that it is addictive.
    My son stated that he wanted to try it so I gave him a slate and a couple strikers. Also gave him my Turkey Choke. I don't think that he has been out yet.
    Turkey numbers are getting better in this area but finding a good area and getting permission is challenging.
    Wishing you all the best of success.
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    Addicitive YESS. I think it is the challange. they are a lot more elusive than deer. You got to get em within 30/40 yards, depending on the gun and load. My 835 Mossy is a 12 ga. but the tube is just a hair under 10 ga. With a XXturkey choke have taken one at 62 looooong paces with 3.5" loads. If you can hit one all it takes is one pellet in the head or neck. You can shoot em all day in the body and wont get em. They will die later but wont knock em down. There are some ole boys here who are real good at callin em in....Im not one of them. Just luck on my part I do believe and the fact there are quite a few. I've limited out the first 5 minutes and also went the whole season without seein beak nor feather. They say they can spot the white in your eye when you blink at half a mile. Got to get ALL CAMOED UP and SIT STILL. I love it. Mighty tasty also. I'm gonna try and deep fry a whole one this year. Pics later on......Course every time I say that ya know what happens....SKUNKED

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    There are Easterens in the north but Osceola's is the main speicies of thunderchikens
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    Been out quite a few times...more for spring gobbler than the other.

    Here in Pennsylvania the seasons are:

    Wild Turkey ( gobbler or hen ) Oct. 27-Nov. 16 and Nov. 22-24.

    Spring gobbler ( Bearded bird only ) April 27-May 31. Daily limit 1, season limit 2.
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    I hunt the spring gobblers here in MN. We have a fall season that is any bird and spring which is bearded only. We never see any in the fall, so we always go in the spring season. Unfortunately I didn't get one this past season. It might had been slightly my fault, but my bird was way out there.