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Who won the rifle ?????

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I tried watching the video --- but it just sat there .....
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BlkHawk73 is the winner. The live cam was a cool idea and I saw it just fine.
^^^ I seen in your sig, the 25-20. My Dad has a model 92 saddle gun that he's had since he was a kid and he's almost 73.
One of the coolest contests ever. Congratulations to Blkhwk73.

Yeah -- one of the Best & Coolest forum contests EVER

Congrats and Good on you Marlin Forum!!!!
Congratulations to BlkHawk and thanks Marlin Forums.
@72Camaro...mine is a 100 year old Marlin 1894. They sure are fun to shoot.
A BIG surprise for me. I've been off on vacation for a week in Florida then a few days in NY. Got back late last night and awoke this morning to see a bunch of e-mails. I have an older Model 70 but this tube fed bugger should make a great range gun, for my son. Showed him and he got a smile too. :)

I must say a BIG thank you to all those that have congratulated me on this. While I don't post often here, especially compared to other forums, I do try much enjoy reading and learning from the threads here. Thank YOU all for that!

Contacted Austin earlier and started the ball rolling. Gotta get ahold of my dealer and get it moving a bit more now. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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