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why is this topic empty ???

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certainly there`s a .44/40 or a 45/70 out there somewhere :confused:
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Why would anyone mention Henry at a Marlin Forum?

There are a few Marlin 44-40's around, I never seem to have enough cash to snag one when an avaible one shows it sweet little face. I bought the 45-70 to fill the void and plink a few squirrels with. ( The price was right) It's the 95 Cowboy not a guide. I would also like a Buffalo Classic/HR handi but in a different caliber .
@fomdiddle is that a Williams peep sight?
beeroy you stole that gun
that's sounds like a story you need to save for your wife. You are a humanitarian though
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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