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Will they prosecute??

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I have to agree with SWO1.
I've kept quiet on this because my opinion plus $1.55 will get you a medium coffee at Tim Horton's. Along with that, it won't change anything by causing friction on this extremely friendly forum.
I consider myself a constitutional patriot and I totally support the traditional translation of the 2nd. amendment.
But; to the best of my knowledge, it is legal to purchase a firearm with the intent of presenting it as a gift, providing the recipient can legally possess said firearm. I have done it myself more than once. However, I've been informed that purchasing a firearm as a gift for an underage grandchild is illegal unless you are the legal guardian. The gifted firearm must go through the parent/guardian.
With all that said, Kelly has the constitutional right to express his opinion, even if I don't agree with his point of view.
And, assuming that he qualifies, he also has the constitutional right to buy a firearm.
We can't restrict his constitutional rights just because we disagree with his political point of view.
I don't mean to offend but that is my humble opinion.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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