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Will they prosecute??

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Read the explaniation on the ATF FORM for question 11.a on the back. I would find it hard to believe he commited any crime by answering YES. He did not intend (and did not) transfer the firearm to a person who was not eligable to purchase it him/herself.

I have done this on several occasions, most reciently on the purchase of the Taurus .38 special. I fully intended to give it to my daughter who is NOT PROHIBITED from firearm purchases, and has done so. In my case and his the instructions DIRECT to answer YES ON 11.a.

The author of this article, or anyone else may not agree with him on his actions.....BUT LETS NOT GRASP AT STRAWS. He has the RIGHT like the rest of us to do with it as he pleases...LAWFULLY. He can bust it up with a BFH if thats his desire.
Why is there all the talk about him committing a crime..or is it just more blow-hard media ??
It's that 10% oldbrass. The percentage holds true for both sides of the issue.
He does have the photo posted on his facebook page along with the story behind it. Just another American excersing his righs under a numer of items in the Bill Of Rights. I really dont see why anyone would have a problem with him doing this. He also says he purchased a .45. SO WHAT !!!

The media company that posted this article is mostly a large critizier of the Goverment. But they also have that right under the 1st Admendment, just as the Supporters of it do. And they didn't bring up the legality of the purchase, they just posted a comment by someone else on a public forum.

In reading a lot of the comments on the opinions under that story it AMAZES me how many people do not comprehend or understand the ATF form and how the questions should be answered. It's about 6-8 pages long with clarifications on every item that must be answered. I wonder how many have READ IT...??? I think for most who have purchased more than 1 or 2 all they know is Yes to No. 11 a., NO to the rest on page 1, turn to page 2 and sign/date at the top.
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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