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Will they prosecute??

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Agree with SWO1. This is just a recoil effect to lash out against an ally of the Enemy of the People, aka, Barry, Dianne, Harry

Most of adults would be "guilty" under this style of thought process since many parents and grandparents bought us our first shoot'n iron!

He did what he did, partly out of support for his spouse, some for his self-motivated "pity" he probably feels and because he truly isn't a firearms enthusiast, shooter or hunter. That's why it doubly important to MARK YOUR CALENDAR/SAVE THE DATE of 15 June 2013 and take family members to task at a range or a muddy bank or sand dune and join in the Nation-wide "Take your Family to the Range Day" that you may have seen me post info on before. Get going NOW to find other RKBA supporters and even organize an event. Still have 3 months to make things happen. We'll have ages 5 through 66 covered at our family's event. I suggest everyone consider the same. Maybe even drag in the "NO GUNS IN THIS HOUSE" neighbor of some and make a convert!

As for "Mr. Gabby"...that's fodder for the media and what they don't have to say about something actual...they'll make up anyway.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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