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I have a Williams FP on an 1895CB. It's the model that installs in the rear scope holes instead of side mount like your Win would likely require. I don't think I paid $80 but I got it several years ago.

On the CB it didn't require a taller front sight but the barrel is pretty large diameter and long. I haven't installed an FP on a shorter barrel rifle so I don't know what the dimensions would do to your POI. Williams customer service people are pretty good so a call to them might give you a definitive answer. Actually, the FP fits so low on my CB that I could install a Green Mountain style front sight that was much lower than the stock .500" front.

One thing, if you do get the FP and intend to shoot varying power loads I recommend getting the target knob for the elevation adjustment. It makes elevation changes much faster and easier than using a screwdriver.

I do have a Williams WGRS peep for a 336 but removed it in favor of a scope project. I don't think the WGRS will fit all Wins but the Williams site or customer service could tell you. The WGRS will definitely need a taller front sight on any Marlin of the 1894, 336, 1895 models.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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