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Winchester Model 06 .22 pump

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I picked up a beaten up Winchester model 06 .22 pump from GunBroker as a project about a month ago. Almost no bluing remained on the metal, the stock was cracked and no longer fit the rifle, and it was missing some parts/screws. I picked up a new stock and forearm from Numrich, along with some other parts, then went about rust bluing the metal. I think it turned out pretty decent, and it has a good bore, so looks like I got another good "plinker". Please let me know what you think:

"Before" and "after" Pics:
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Very, very nice. It's a beautiful rifle. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the comments greyhawk! This was my second attempt at rust bluing as a project. Definitely a labor of love and time-consuming, but was well worth it IMHO.
Awesome restoration...!!
Super job. At one time I had one and my EX-wife pawned it without me knowing it. God bless her! Yours is beautiful.
Thanks for the feedback lingr, Shooter, and Gumpy! Gumpy, your ex pawning your 06 was surely a low blow. These are great old rifles!
Wow. Nice work. I'm itching for another project. But my bank account says otherwise.
I hearing you, MattNH. For me, the planets have to line up just right so that I can get into a project firearm cheaply enough that there is still some fat on the bone. If you aren't careful, you can spend a heck of a lot of money on furniture and parts to where it isn't economically feasible to restore one. I'm into this rifle for about $300 and figure I could sell it in the $500-$600 range. My labor comes very cheap so that doesn't factor in!
Great rifle Muaser
It looks nice. It mat be just me getting old,but the angle of the butt-stock seems to be a bit,ummm,severe?
This one my Dad bought mail-order when he was still a kid,so I know it's all original wood.
It just looks different.


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Thanks for the comment, bob2231. My eyes may be getting a little old as well so I compared another Winchester 06 I have with this one. Good eye! The butt stock angle may be the angle I took the photo. Either way, the new stock is a definite improvement since the one it came with was definitely not for a Winchester 06. The comb angle looks a little less severe on the new stock than an original to me: The top photo is an all-original 1926 Winchester 06 and the second one is the Winchester 06 with the new stock:


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