This is a 1994 1895 XLR. I do not have the box or the original sights. Rifle comes with Williams FP rear peep sight with target knobs and Lyman 17A globe front sight. It has a Ranger Point lever and will be sold with the original lever as well. This rifle is an absolute joy to shoot on steel with very accurate light loads of Trail boss and 405gr Oregon Trail bullets. Recoil is less than a 30-30 with this load. I have never fired full load or jacketed bullets with this rifle.

I am new to this site but frequent other firearm forums, such as 1911 Addicts. I am happy to provide any additional photos or answer any questions that anyone might ask.

$1625 to your FFL. Payment by cashiers check or PMO.
I can add 94 rounds of Remington Brass for another $40.

Thanks for looking!