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Fellow Missourians...

Tomorrow, WED 6 March 2013, the Hearing is set for House Bill 436 to be conducted/heard in Jefferson City.

Here's a simple link to a form that you can fill out to voice you support.

I wrote my letter of "testimony" a couple of weeks ago when "Missouri First" org. initially came out with the information and links.

Time is of the essence. I feel it's everyone's duty to stand tall on all matters in this arena. My comments follow:
It is paramount that all bona fide US citizen's rights, freedoms and Liberties remain intact and free of further attempt to assail those basic rights.

The Federal government, through manipulative ploys of the current ‘Administration’ has been hard at work to dismantle the foundations of the 'American Way of Life'.

We've already witnessed many incidents wherein federal agencies and their employ have violated citizens’ assured Rights under the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, & 6th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

The 'politically correct' perversion to oil every squeaky, minority wheel has already proven detrimental. Their very aim is to curtail my rights to state my feeling and beliefs about a variety of subjects. I do it anyway and will continue, as it is my God-granted and most natural right to state my position! I am not a lamb, but an observant wolf.

Only an imbecile would fail to recognize the simple, unwaiverable and concise wording which is indelibly carved into history with Amendment II of the U.S. Constitution. The 2nd Amendment is the Keystone of LIBERTY. We the Citizens of the State of Missouri will not sit idly by and allow a clearly 'domestic enemy' any further erosion of our rights to KEEP & BEAR ARMS!

World history has recorded the end results of despotic Tyrants in millions upon millions of innocents slaughtered on their whim.

That will not happen in this State or throughout the remainder of this Nation which was founded upon Judeo-Christian beliefs. We will not abandon our basic ability for self-defense, nor will we open ourselves up to wanton removal and termination.

The failure of the officials in State Capitols and in the District of Corruption (D.C.) to recognize the world's largest armed force will "Stand Its Ground" had better soon be imagined, unless...

Unless Mr. Obama's and his crew of Henchmen's true goal is the blood-soaked destruction and population reduction as outlined under the New World Order.

As Nathaniel Hale has been quoted, "I regret I have but one life to give for my Country"!

I took an oath, several times in the course of my career. That Oath affirmed my willingness to defend against all enemies, foreign, as well as domestic. At a time when the force structure of all combined US Armed Forces is not much more than a hollow shell, with resources and durable equipment having surpassed their normal use life expectancy...the threat of foreign enemies grows daily.

The most looming threat however is domestic in nature. I am not suggesting, nor am I advocating any offensive actions other than my remaining right and freedom to express my views under the 1st Amendment. Be forewarned...a rapidly growing number of citizens are hearing the Patriots Call in the Spirit of 1775 and Bunker Hill.

We will not surrender or otherwise relinquish our arms, our powder or our lead in a cooperative manner. This simple statement of fact renders the expedient passage and Governor Nixon's signature as an affirmation that the Great State of Missouri will not bow to the illegal and wholly un-Constitutional requests or demands of the Fed.

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BUT a middle of the road govenor. If it does pass and goes for signiture I dont know the odds of getting a veto overturned. [URL said:[/URL]
So right. Jay Nixon never inked a yes or no to the last 2 years worth of PRO-firearms laws. They had to fester until the end of session at the end of August and were automatically entered into MO's Revised Statues. On this one...he may be too yella and apply red ink. We will see...
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