Wood Fore End piece for the 22 bench rifle

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    I have decided to try my hand at making Wood pieces for my stocks. I used a piece of the Hickory fire wood i have split up. It has been dead for a lot of years and is Good and Dry. Talk about HARD ..... :eek: Cut it to workable size on the table saw. Then ran it thru the planer to square it up. I should have used a bigger piece as after squaring up its only 2.5" wide ..... I want 3". But I will go ahead and shape it up and mount on the stock and see how it shoots. I will make another one after I prototype this one. I already see a couple of changes to make. Porbably should make a template from pine as its a lot easier to work. Also I plan on making my own target grips for the 3 guns I shoot Bullseye, .22, .38 Super, and .45 acp.

    Just like GOLF, If you cant play good ...... LOOK GOOD ........ :p
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    Look good!! I like that!

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    Waiting to see the finished product and a range report. Love your creative inspirations.