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    Starting to work up Hunting loads for the 3 .308s. A Savage Axis, Marlin 7X, and Rossi Wizzard.

    Step 1. Measure with an O.A. L. gauge and see what the length is from the bolt face to the lands, results, Took 5 readings and then redid them 5 more times and took the average.

    Wizzard: 2.835" Had a deviation of .003 over 10 readings

    Marlin: 2.805" Had a deviation of .004 over 10 readings

    Savage: 2.801" Had a deviation of .005 over 10 readings

    Seems the Wizzard is a LOT longer than the others. Will load some test rounds that are full length sized, shoot in each and then keep brass sorted and reload for Fire Formed Brass for each using the Collet neck die and Dead length seating die. Will start over with the most promising for each. Have two bullets, Sierra 150 gr. SP, FB, and Sierra 150 gr SPBT. For the yardage we shoot (under 300 yards) the FBs are the best. Will Start at .002 off the lands and go .001 up and down and see what happens. Will start with H3031 and Federal BR primers with Remington brass. Will load em up today and MAYBE get some down range from 75 yards. At 75 yds the trajectory is within .2" at 50 and 100 with the .308. That of course will be verified before season starts with the worked up loads.
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    The deer don`t stand a chance...The .308 is about the best hunting caliber of all time IMHO. I have a savage model 11 7mm-08 with a 1:11.5 twist that won`t stabelize anything but a 120 gr bullet..I`m planning on making it my do it all .308 to pick a barrel maker !!

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    Good luck with that project oldbrass. I do like the .308, mainly probley because its what I have shot since I was 17 and joined the MC. Although 30-30, .243, 30-06 do make em lay down and play dead also....:cool:

    I loaded up 15 rounds for each rifle, 3 different O.A.L.s, same bullet, charge. Hope to light em off this afternoon. Did find out that the H3031 doesn't meter or weigh very well through my Lyman Gen 3 unit. Will probley go back to the beam scale. For small batches of Hunting rounds not much slower and a lot less hassle.
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    Don't tell those two does from last winter......:eek: After shooting Clover leafs in sighting in, I slung 3 "maggies drawers" at 90 yards, off a rail none the less. Went straight back to the bench and from 75 shot another Shamrock with same batch of reloads.
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    Shot the Wizzard with .308 barrel. At 75 yards with a Tasco 3X9 Ive had on several guns and still don't like it. Will get another Center Point 4X14, I have a couple and really like them. Back to the trial....think I have something to work with. The middle of the three loads did the best. An O.A.L. OF 2.810" Here is the target. Rounds were full length sized. Now have 19 cases fire formed to start at this point and refine. should get better....In theory....:rolleyes:

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    Nice group and good information for fellow reloaders.
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    Its good to see good results from your own loads! :)