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worse beater gun contest

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I`ll start with my model 987 savage/stevens .22LR actually still shoots good.


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I think I've got ya topped if I could get GOOD pics of the old Belgium A5. Little bluing left on the receiver, the barrel's bent at least two different places and going in different directions (Lesson to all: DON'T SHOOT STEEL IN SUPER-TIGHT BROWNING BARRELS and don't use in a duck blind for year after year in high-ph wet areas, either!) The stock's cracked and been shade-tree repaired with a reinforcing cross bolt to keep it functional. Departed father's badly abused slayer of all things from Mule deer to quail, doves...and an occasional rattlesnake or skunk!
I used to have an old **** Huntin 22 I don't even remember the brand of that thing was on it's last leg I didn't owe it one thing and it didn't owe me one thing
I like older guns. Something about the worn look of them that makes me trust them. Same thing with senior citizens.
Hey Austin....based on the amount of gray hair I'm getting I should be real trust worthy. LOL

I like older guns too. I'm comfortable carrying them in the woods. I don't worry about them getting any new scratches and I know they been there done that.

I had a beater .32spl, but I just refinished the wood a few weeks before this thread started. I'm still not happy with it yet. I may take it apart and have another go at it in the fall.
I have a .22 I will lay down in the mud if I have to. It's 50 years old and will still work like the day it came off the line.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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