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Wow,only in Jay County

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WOW only in Jay County!! I went to get some gas earlier when I noticed two deputies watching a woman smoking a cigarette while filling up. I saw her and thought "that's not smart..... With law enforcement right there too". I went in to pay and as I was paying I heard someone screaming. I looked outside and the woman's arm was on fire!!! She was swinging her arm & running around going ballistic!! I rushed outside to help but the deputies already had her on the ground and were putting the fire out with their coffee!!! Then they put handcuffs on her and threw her in the patrol car. Being the nosey person I am, I asked what she was being arrested for? One of the deputies looked me dead in the eyes and said, "For waving a firearm around!".
Hahahahahaha. I needed this laugh
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That was funny! Nope, haven't heard that one.
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