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Wow the world’s biggest caliber (.905!) rifle in action!

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I don't think I would fire that :eek:

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The World’s Biggest Caliber (.905!) Rifle in Action

Shooting a .700 caliber comes packs a punch. Step it up to an almost unheard of .905 caliber, and you have a ballistic beast in your hands.

SSK industries .950 JDJ. It’s the biggest centerfire rifle ever made.

With a 2400 grain bullet, propelled by 240 grains of powder, the JDJ is comparable to a World War I-era tank round or a 20mm cannon in terms of kinetic energy.

Estimates are that one of these rounds would easily pass through several human targets– even if each were equipped with full body armor.

The guys from Knight Rifles headed out to the range to give this monster a try. Very few people have ever shot the .950 JDJ as a rifle, as only 3 have been made.

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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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