WTB - .308 bolt Rifle, value priced

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by dahut, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. dahut

    dahut New Member

    Like the title says Im looking for a budget .308 rifle. Some guys think nothing of sinking many dollars into a custom tack driver. Others a want a ninja, "black ops" gun. Me, I just want a bread and butter rifle. Everybody has their wants, and this is mine. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thanks.

  2. axxe55

    axxe55 Well-Known Member

    check out the Marlin XS7 in 308. can get it new for about $325-360. most of the chain stores sell them and they are pretty accurate and when you hold one, you will wonder why they are sold as cheap as they are! i have three of the Marlin bolt actions, an XS7 in 7mm-08, a XL7 in 25-06 and a XS7VH in 308 that has the longer and heavier barrel. i'm fixing to add the XS7 in 243 to the collection soon.

  3. Shooter

    Shooter Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I like bread and bitter rifles myself. Saw a tacticool lever action out of the shot show the other day.


    Of course innovation is laughed at, so we'll see what comes of it.
  4. Gaterskiner

    Gaterskiner Well-Known Member


    That Mossberg Tactical thing is not inovation. But it is laughable.
  5. axxe55

    axxe55 Well-Known Member

    the Marlin X7 series of rifles are no frills, accurate, well built and ready to go, basic bread and butter type rifles. there is some selection to be had.

    XS7 = short action comes in 243, 7mm-08 and 308
    XS7C = short action camo, same calibers
    XS7S = short action stainless steel reciever and barrel, same calibers

    XL7 = long action comes in 25-06, 270 and 30-06
    XL7C = long action camo, same calibers
    XL7S = long action stainless steel reciever and barrel, same calibers

    XS7VH = short action, 26" heavy varmint barrel, otherwise the same, comes
    in 22-250 and 308 calibers
    XS7Y = short action youth version, comes in 243, 7mm-08 and 308

    as of right now, these are one of the best buys on a good, accurate and well made bolt action rifle that i have seen in many years.

    Boyd's stocks has laminate and walnut stocks to fit these rifles. the laminates come in a few different colors and would really dress one these Marlins up. the price on these stocks is decent too.
  6. bob2231

    bob2231 Active Member

  7. hunter5567

    hunter5567 Well-Known Member

    I saw the Savage Axis bolt action 308 rifle new for $257 at walmart.
    I saw the Mossberg ATR rifles with scope for 299 at Academy.
    You might look on gunbroker also for low priced deals on a rifle and you can find an FFL dealer near you to ship it to and find out in advance what fees they charge for transfer.
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  8. SHOOTER13

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