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WTB Remington 788 in 30-30

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I'm looking to buy a Remington 788 in 30-30. I'd like one in great to new shape.

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I had a 788 in a .308 caliber back in the 80`s...I sold it when I went into the military.....I sure wish I had kept it. It was quite a shooter.

A bolt action 30-30 would be cool, you could load any 30 cal bullet!!!
I know where a primo 308 788 is for less than $500 but I want the 30-30
Ya you can get a .308 bolt gun anywhere...but I think a 30-30 bolt is rather rare..
What other 30-30 bolt is there besides the 788 ???
OLDBRASS - Savage seems to be the only "popular" maker. Nothing on GB but the Savages. There are currently 12 for sale on

Prices are $260-$500 The $260 one has a nice straight-grained stock of what appears to be walnut. The $500 item has a Williams Peep, nice wood with grip channels cut on the fore end and a barrel band similar to a 10/22. Plenty for you to look at as possibilities.

Good luck finding a 788!
good link spoon, I`ve never heard of a savage 340..Bein savage are so easy to re-barrel I bet you could get a 30-30 barrel for a short action
I have a Rem 788 in .243 in perfect condition, NFS but its a beauty shooter
Got a .47" group outta her

With factory ammo
Moved to the correct subforum...WANTED
Own 788 is a .222 First Really accurate rifle ever had !

Still enjoy shooting it simply off the bench today...
My first centerfire rifle was a Mod. 788 .222. I got a divorce and sold the rifle.
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