WTB XL7 Bolt in 270 or 30-06

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by kneadraggr, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. kneadraggr

    kneadraggr New Member

    Need a replacement bolt for my XL7, in .270 Win.
    Either a 270 or 30-06 will do.

    Contact me ([email protected]) if you have either one, or know where to get one.
    Local gun shop said they were not available new.
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  2. oldbrass

    oldbrass Well-Known Member

    Take it to a gunsmith and have the head space set if a different bolt is installed...things can go bad in a hurry
  3. kneadraggr

    kneadraggr New Member

    After some research I found that the Remington 783 uses the same Bolt head as the Marlin X7.
    Since I just happen to also have a 783 in 7mm Rem Mag, I did a quick check, and they look the same, so I tried it in the XL7, slid right in, closed, and the bolt handle even lined up.

    I know the head is wrong for a 270, but it does confirm the general function.

    I just picked up a bolt for a 270/30-06 out of a 783.

    I also know about head spacing, but good idea to warn people.