WTT ONLY: 1894 38/40 shooter

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by threesaride, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. threesaride

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    This is NOT a reproduction, it's a original 1894 in 38/40 that has had the metal refinished. The bore is as new, everything is tight & will make a great hunting/target rifle. I want to trade, I like S&W's & I live just outside St. Louis. Email [email protected] with your photos if you have something to trade. Also have a original 94 in 38/40 for a collector. I can say it is sharp, metal & wood are 95%+ as is the bore, loads of color on the receiver. This gun belonged to a old timer with bad eyesight, he put a glob of solder on the front sight (would be easily removed) I left it as I got it, I think it has character. TRADE ONLY!:D
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    First off...how about some photos of these two "original 1894's"

    If you want trade only, what value ( $$ ) do you place on them

    as a starting point for negotiations.

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