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X gun availablity

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It seems that when the X guns were first introduced they were quite prevalent in a wide variety of stores. But after the acquisition of Marlin by Remington's parent company, they seem to have all been closed out and only available at dedicated gun shops. The idea of giving gun shops dibs on these little secrets worries me into thinking that Remington might be trying to trip up the X guns since they are a better rifle than the 770, and in my opinion, I would take one over a 700 in an ADL, which I did. I don't think the X guns have had the exposure they need at their young age to be exclusive to sole gun shops. They are much too good and too young to be put on the back burner. To me they feel better than any other economy rifle out there.
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SWO1, the bolt throw is about 60 degrees and low mount scope rings will work on it. my XS7 in 7mm-08 has low mount rings with a 3-9x40 on it and the bolt has plenty of clearance.

i think you will be very pleased with the XS7Y in 308. they are very well made rifles and very accurate. at a very attractive price. currently i have three X7 rifles, a XS7 in 7mm-08, an XL7 with the factory camo stock in 25-06, and a XS7VH in 308, which has the 26" heavy varmint barrel. here are some pictures of them. first one the 7mm-08, also has a Boyd's grey laminated stock. the camo 25-06 and my mildly customized XS7VH in 308.


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Nice pictures....thanks.
thank you Hyphen. i have come to love the new Marlin bolt action rifles. they are accurate, well made, have a pillar bedded stock, an adjustable trigger and all this at a very attractive price. i recommend them highly to anyone wanting a decently priced bolt action rifle. one thing i would like to see Marlin do with the X7 series is to bring them out in some different calibers, like say a 7mm Rem. Mag., maybe a 300 Win. Mag., or even a 220 Swift, or how about a 257 Roberts? that would be awesome.
I like the combinations of colors as far as the stocks you have chosen. A .257Rob would be very cool. Most rifle makers pretty much stick with the basics when it comes to calibers. Ruger is the only one that is adventurous with their offerings. Most of the other chamberings I would like to see would only be of interest to hand loaders.
the 7mm-08 has a Boyd's grey laminated stock. paid about $110 after shipping for it. i really am impressed with the Boyd's stocks, as they are a very good stock at a very good price.

the 25-06 has the factory camo dipped stock. i really like how it looks too.

the heavy barrel 308 has the factory black synthetic stock that i did my own camo paint job on. i have done several stocks to date with my own camo paintjobs. it's actually pretty easy to do. i just don't care for the black synthetic stocks. to me they make the gun look cheap!

i agree, that i would like to see some uncommon chamberings in rifles.
SW01, dang nice groups from both of you! really nice! congrats on the fine shooting. the X7 series of rifles are very accurate.
Thanks axxe55, I find "The Older I Get The Better I Used To Be"

Anymore I just live my good times thru my grandsons and Granddaughter. I was most concerned about the rifle being a shooter and he would be confident in it. After it was sighted in and he saw what IT was capiable of I think it made him a lot more confident.

My 8 year old granddaughter was quick to claim his .243 770. She is still on a .22 but learning well. She already outfishes her brothers....they cant stand it......:mad:
he knows now what the rifle is capable of and now has the confidence he needs that he can now concentrate on his abilities. all in all he did pretty good. practice and more practice he will get much better, but he is off to a very good start in shooting. his group is one to be very proud of with his first time shooting it and using full power loads.
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